Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Should Jiles decide to meet Abhisit in London...

Will there be a face-to-face meeting between PM Abhisit Vejjajiva and Jiles Ungphakorn in London later this week?

Jiles is on the run from an arrest warrant against him on lese majeste charge. He has issued a strongly-worded statement explaining his position on the country's monarchy. PM Abhisit is scheduled to visit England March 13-14 during which he is expected to give a talk at Oxford University, his alma mater.

Acting government spokesman Panitan Watanayakorn said yesterday that he had heard news that Jiles may be attending the PM's lecture.

What will Jiles tell the PM and vice versa? That promises to be very interesting indeed, in view of their vastly divergent stands on the lese majeste law in Thailand and the heated debate that has been going on, both in the open and behind the scenes.

Stay tuned!

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