Thursday, December 17, 2009

When the PM of one country calls for the ouster of his counterpart...

What does it mean when the leader of one country declares that his counterpart in another country must go before normal relations could be restored?

Cambodian PM Hun Sen had this to say in his speech at a scholarship ceremony at the National Institute of Education in Phnom Penh yesterday:

"I will wait to see the establishment of a new government in Thailand so that they will send back their accuse us of abusing the Thai justice system but you forget to mention you are invading Cambodian territory..."

When Hun Sen calls for the replacement of Abhisit, that's not the normal way of dealing with your neighbours. What if Abhisit says the same thing about Hun Sen? That would amount to interference with the domestic affairs of another country, wouldn't it?

The Thai people decide who run their country -- and whether Hun Sen likes the Thai peoples choice, he has no right to call for the toppling of his counterpart here.

Hun Sen doesn't respect the Thai judicial system by insisting that Thaksin had done nothing wrong. What if Thailand starts to question Cambodia's judical system?

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svl said...

Hun Sen must be a dolt!