Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kittirat: Yes, Setha is a good friend

Setha Thavisin, CEO of Sansiri Property, says he was one of the six to seven businessmen who had met Premier Yingluck Shinawatra on the seventh floor of Four Seasons Hotel recently -- an incident played up by the Opposition Democrats trying to inject some juicy controversy into the incident.

Setha has said so far that it was just another meeting between businessmen and the premier to discuss the country's economic issues. Nothing scandalous whatsoever.

Deputy Premier Kittirat confirmed that the meeting did take place. "Some people say I am close to Setha. That's true. But critics shouldn't have any bias. He is a good man. Why didn't he and the other businessmen go to the Government House to discuss these issues with the prime minister? Well, perhaps they didn't want to be seen to be too pro-government. Why hasn't the premier responded directly to the question? Well, you know the premier doesn't like to argue with anyone..."

Will that put an end to the story? Not for now.

Pheu Thai MP Pracha Prasobdee yesterday challenged the Democrats to go with him to the hotel's 7th floor to see what is really there. He is taking a group of reporters with him and will book a room on that floor so that he can conduct a thorough investigation. Will the Democrats take up the challenge? We shall see.

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