Sunday, September 30, 2012

Yingluck's woman's touch expands...

Daily News' page-one headline this morning is more interpretative than factual reporting but it does reflect thinking in certain quarters: PM Yingluck's political bargaining power is growing, even against her brother Thaksin.

Her ultimate bargaining chip is very simple. Yingluck can now tell her brother: I am quitting if you don't allow me to run my own government.

Of course, she will never say that in public, either to Thaksin or her sister Yaowapha, or Sister Daeng, as she is well-known in the political circles.

But if her brother and sister put too much pressure on how the Cabinet reshuffle is to be effected, Yingluck can always say she won't take it anymore.

And that would put her brother and sister in very difficult positions indeed.

Perhaps, that's what Yingluck meant by "a woman's touch" when she mentioned that in her speech at Asia Society in New York last week in talking about her role in helping to resolve the South China Sea's conflict between China and certain Asean members!

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