Monday, December 10, 2012

Thaksin's appearance on Channel 11 sparks a hot exchange

Former Premier Thaksin Shinawatra's unexpected appearance on Channel 11 last night triggered a hot exchange between the government and opposition once again. Social media commentators have also been engaged in a heated debate over whether it was an appropriate things to do.
Thaksin was presiding over a Muay Thai event commemorating His Majesty the King's 85th birthday. The event was titled Muay Thai Warriors and was broadcast live from a hotel in Macau.
Pheu Thai spokesmen said Premeir Yingluck and Cabinet members had not been aware that Thaksin was to preside over the tournament.
Police Lt Col Kulthon Prachuabmoh, secretary general of the organizing committee, told local papers on the phone that he had paid Bt500,000 to Channel 11 for the live broadcast live. He said he hadn't originally planned to inivte Thaksin to chair the function. "But I happened to meet him in Hong Kong and since he had been a Thai citizen loyal to the Monarchy and had been wrongly accused of many unfounded charges, I thought it appropriate to offer him a chance tod show his loyalty the the Monarchy and to defend himself," he said.
Opposition Democrats said the Public Relations Department chief and PM's Officer Minister Sansani Nakpong should resign to accept responsibility of this mistake because Thaksin remains a fugitive fleeing the country's judicial order therefore should not have been allowed to use a government channel to make his appearance.
The debate is expected to continue this week.

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