Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Show us the money!

Noppadol Pattama, adviser to Thaksin Shinawatra, held a press conference yesterday with a difference -- he produced a stack of cash to declare that he would pay anyone who can produce evidence to prove him wrong two million baht! Noppadol hit back at the opposition Democrats for having accused him of having signed an MoU with Cambodia that put Thailand at a disadvantage when he was foreign minister. He said anyone who could come up with evidence to prove the Democrats' claim will be paid one million baht. "Any if that person can do that within 24 hours, I will hand out another million baht instantly!" The Democrats must now show that they can earn two million baht from their arch-enemies. I am not sure whose cash it was. But it certainly underscores the fact that Thaksin and Noppapol are ready to put money where their mouths are.

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