Saturday, February 2, 2013

Yingluck insists "I am in charge."

Premier Yingluck Shinawatra posted this picture on her Facebook yesterday, saying she had just been able to squeeze some time into signing papers at her desk. The picture shows her with 6 mobile phones -- and Thai Post was quick to point out that the Facebook post was obviously aimed at confirming her statement one day earlier that she was really the prime minister of this country -- and that her brother, Thaksin, was not running her government. The premier was obviously upset over the New York Times' article about Thaksin running the governemnt through Skype and that Yingluck was only cutting ribbons and attending ceremonies. "I am in charge. I am the prime minister," she declared. Some of her critics suggested that the premier could prove beyond all doubts that she was really in charge by ordering police to arrest Thaksin, who is legally still a fugitive on the run. This was an apparent reference to the surprise arrest of Somchai Kunpluem, better known as "Kamnan Poh" in Bangkok after he had fled a court verdict of a jail term for nearly ten years. Premier Yingluck has yet to respond to that challenge.

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