Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pad Thai and French wine...way out this crisis?

Perhaps, our famous Pad Thai dish may pluck us out of this economic distress. Or is it just a pipe dream?

Pimon Srivikorn, an adviser to Commerce Minister Porntiwa Nakasai, has a new twist to the "Thai Kitchen as World Kitchen" campaign. He wants to promote Pad Thai with French wine in a new drive to relieve the economic slump facing Thailand and the world.

Thai food has become a popular fare around the world. It can even compete with Chinese and French and Italian cuisines. The number of Thai restaurants abroad has jumped from 4,000 in 2004 to 12,000-13,000 today.

Pimon says he has proposed to the minister to revive an earlier plan to match some French wine institutes with famous Thai dishes such as Pad Thai and Fish Choo Chi etc...

He suggests that the new campaign will send caravans of Thai food experts to train Thai chefs abroad with special emphasis on Europe, Russia, South Africa and the Middle East as well as Middle America.

Long Live Pad Thai. Spice up our Tlm Yam Koong!! And don't forget that glass of French wine.

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