Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thaksin and the 'two kids'

Who are the "two kids" trying in vain to untie the web of serious
problems of the country?

That's'Thaksin Shinawatra's latest salvo against the Abhisit government
in his "phone-in" to a seminar of his Pheau Thai Party at Khao Yai yesterday.

He didn't elaborate. But, it isn't too difficult to guess. He was apparently referring to two "young kids" in the Cabinet -- Premier Abhisit and Finance Minister Korn Chatikavanij. Both are in the late 40s. Both went to Oxford. Both could pose a threat to "Thaksinomics" if the new "Abhisitonomics" works out.

Thaksin said: "The whole world is facing problems. The two kids' ability to solve problems is limited. The problems aren't as easy as they thought."

Thaksin's biggest fear, perhaps, is that if these "two kids" manage to convince the Thai people that they can do a better job than Thaksin, then it could mean he will be gone forever.

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