Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thaksin: Where are you?

Everybody knows where he is supposed to be today. But then, nobody is quite sure.

One of his close aides, MP Chatuporn Prompan, a core leader of the "Red-Shirted Movement," has told his friends in the Pheau Thai Party not to disclose the ex-premier's whereabouts "for fear of attempted assassination."

But a group of MPs from this party, led by Chiang Mai MP Surapong Tovichakchaikul and Samut Prakarn MP Pracha Prasobdee, has made it public that they are heading for Hong Kong this weekend to pay Thaksin a visit.

So, is Thaksin really in Hong Kong? We shall soon know.

One thing is certain for now, though. He isn't in Koh Kong of Cambodia. That's the assurance given by no less a person than Premier Hun Sen who told visiting Thai Defence Minister Gen Pravit Wongsuwan yesterday that Thaksin was definitely not on Cambodian soil, at least as far as yesterday was concerned.

Thaksin can't go to England. Japan has banned him. China keeps a close watch on his movement to avoid offending the Abhisit government. Cambodia's PM Hun Sen is a shrewd politician. He wouldn't want to sour relations with PM Abhisit by appearing to be too close to Thaksin although they remain "close friends." You don't hear Thaksin express too keen an interest in going to the United States either.

So, there aren't too many places that Thaksin could go now, especially if he is nervous about attempts on his life.

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