Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Let the Abhisit-Veera show begin!

PM Abhisit Vejjajiva being grilled on television by red-shirted core leader Veera Muksigapong on the premier's sunday programme?

No, it isn't just a wild rumour or wishful thinking on the part of some newsmen. PM's Office Minister Sathit Wongnongtoey disclosed today that he had approached Veera to conduct that interview with the premier to show the government's readiness for national reconciliation. "And when I informed the prime minister about that move, he accepted it with a smile," Sathit said.

That, to me, is a brilliant public relations stunt. Veera doesn't even have to accept the invitation to make this gambit work. The fact that the approach has been made already gives the PM a positive image. It shows that he is ready to face some tough questions from Thaksin Shinawatr's No 1 assistant.

Veera has been placed in a difficult position. If he says No, he can't say the government hasn't given the opposition a chance. IF he says Yes, Veera can't afford to be seen to be soft on the PM.

Let the show begin!

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Anonymous said...

Abhisit has thrown down the gauntlet to Veera. What a smart move! In terms of fielding difficult questions, the PM has shown how articulate he can be when he has had to deal with some awkward questions from foreign journalists. I take the view that he will have no difficulty debating intelligently with Thaksin Shinawatr's No 1 assistant. It is a great shame that Thaksin has never been courageous enough to challenge anybody to have a proper debate with him; nor has he ever dared to have a serious public discussion with his opponents via a video link, owing to his cowardice. Instead, the guy likes to present only his side of the argument like he has been doing via the foreign media; thanks to his foreign PR.

This public relations stunt between Abhisit and Veera is going to be fab; unless the latter chickens out first. I cannot wait either.