Friday, June 26, 2009

So, who's behind "Taksin II?"

So, nobody would own up to the alleged "Taksin II" Plan that was "leaked" a few days ago.

The "plot" was supposed to create chaos in the country, with the main aim being to oust Abhisit Vejjajiva from the premiership and to harass privy councillors and all those in power. The document was supposed to be five pages long. Deputy Premier Suthep Thuangsuban claimed he had "seen" it. But it seems that everybody else had heard about the story only from the papers. The first story in fact had been on Manager's website. Papers, radio and television programmes then picked it up, without sourcing anybody, except to put it vaguely something to the effect that the story had ceome from "government intelligence sources."

Thaksin Shinawatr and his supporters have denied it. Some critics call it a hoax. Others say it's a counter-intelligence exercise. The only thing I know is that if you want to know who had leaked the news, you have to know who would benefit from such a move.


anon said...

I think the people behind the "Taksin II" plot are the same people behind the Finland Plan.

The Finland Plan, if you can recall, was allegedly devised by Thaksin to create chaos in the country, oust a certain institution, and establish a communist paradise.

No evidence was ever revealed for the Finland Plan, but it sounded so heinous that it just HAD to be true, and was hashed to death among the yellow-shirts, and their supporters.

Anonymous said...

Knowing Thaksin, I take the view that he will not give up his battle easily since he has such a stubborn streak. It is also evident that he has still been able to phone in to encourage people to give support to his allies. Abhisit's government cannot stop this sporadic calling from happening unless Thaksin tries to encourage those who still adore him to cause chaos as happened in April.

That the leaked information regarding the alleged plan to cause disorder again first appeared in the Manager newspaper website should not come as a surprise. This newspaper will do anything it can to demonise Thaksin owing to its political agenda. However, I am not saying that the plot might not be true.