Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thaksin issues new threat: Govt-in-exile

Thaksin Shinawatr has come up with the latest threat: If there is another military coup, "I am ready to set up a government-in-exile to recoup democracy."

He was speaking on a video link to the red-shirt rally at Khao Soi Dao last night.

What he really meant was difficult to fathom. He already has Pheau Thai Party in the House. He also runs the red shirts who hold rallies on his behalf. Now, if he wants to set up a government-in-exile, it would be another grouping to handle and justify.

Which country would allow him to set up a real underground government? How would he handle the opposition party and the red-shirts in relation to the new government-in-exile?

Of course, it's only a verbal threat as th Feb 26 assets seizure verdict draws near. So, you just have to put your feet up and play it by ear. You haven't heard the last word from the fugitive yet.

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