Thursday, January 21, 2010

What are these guys up to? Something naughty...

These three gentlemen aren't supposed to be involved in anything political since the court had found them guilty under the Political Parties Code. Their parties had been disbanded and they are still stuck in the five-year ban.

But who cares? Banharn Silpa-archa was leading the charge. He invited Newin Chidchob (extreme right) and Somsak Thepsutin (centre) to lunch yesterday to declare their joint stand to propose amending the constitution so that a single-seat-constituencies system could be brought back and they stand a better chance of winning more seats.

Banharn "owns" the Chatpattana Party and Newin is the real head of Bhumjaithai Party while Somsak is the chief of a main faction within the latter.

Are they, as coalition partners, trying to put pressure on PM Abhisit's Democrat Party to go along with them with the veiled threat that if their demand wasn't met, they might leave the coalition and thereby bringing down the government?

Banharn, as expected, denies that. Everybody else in the know, of course, thinks otherwise.

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