Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mingkwan is ready for the top job!

Mingkwan Saengsuwan, a former commerce minister under the Pheau Thai Party, now says he is ready to assume the premiership "should the majority in the party decide to nominate me as a candidate for the primer's post in the upcoming election."

But would Chalerm Yoobamrung, the party's MPs chairman, agree? Hasn't Chalerm been strongly opposed to Mingkwan's political ambition?

Mingkwan was quick to point out to reporters that they had patched up. "Didn't you see the two of us hugging each other the other day?"

Most political reporters say Chalerm and Mingkwan have called a truce and have been eager to make a show of their "reconciliation."

But hasn't Mingkwan been dubbed "warrior in an air-conditioned room" by some of his critics within the party?

Mingkwan hit back: "If I had just been working in an air-conditioned room, I wouldn't have been able to jack up the price of paddy to 14,000 baht per ton (when I was commerce minister)."

He says Pheau Thai Party should win no fewer than 250 seats in the upcoming election.
"Now is the time for all our MPs to start visiting their constituencies in preparation for the new polls," he said.

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