Friday, July 23, 2010

Now, Opposition will get free air time on Channel 11

The Opposition will get some free air time after all. Channel 11 will launch a new programme entitled: "Trong Pai Trong Pa" (Straight to the Poin) starting Aug 2, beginning 10 pm, Monday to Friday.

It won't be a "solo" opposition slot though. Opposition figures will be invited to join their government counterparts (perhaps starting with the govt and opposition House whips) to discuss issues of the day. The problem behind the scenes has been who will be moderating the programme. A number of well-known anchors have politely turned down the offer for fear of being caught in the unenviable position of being seen siding with one side or the other.

The latest I heard is that "Adisak Srisom," Channel 11's veteran moderator will be filling in for the first few programmes before a "permanent solution" is found.

Would Pheau Thai Party despatch Chalerm Yoobamrung as the first salvo on the air? If so, would PM Abhisit accept the challenge of facing his long-time political rival in a live debate on Channel 11?

Stay tuned!