Monday, August 23, 2010

Pa Prem turns 90 this week with little fanfare

Privy Council President and Ex-Pemier Gen Prem Tinsulanonda celebrates his 90th birthday anniversary this Thursday (Aug 26) but he won't be celebrating with style -- for fear of drawing unnecessary attention.

In previous years, Prem threw open his residence's doors for senior military officers, bureaucrats, businessmen and the press on his birthday for well-wishing ceremonies. Not this year, though.

Yes, he made a public appearance for representatives of 3,221 students who had been granted scholarships by his Prem Tinsulanonda Foundation.

Gen Prem told them that he believes that Phra Siam Thevathiraj, the sacred spirit that protects Thailand, will ensure that good people are rewarded and bad guys are punished.

There is no doubt that Gen Prem, who has kept a low profile in the past few months since the eruption of street violence, has emerged in public again for one very crucial reason: to debunk rumours that he has been seriously ill.