Saturday, August 21, 2010

Why Seksan agrees to leave his world of solitude

Seksan Prasertkul, former student activist, more recently university lecturer and writer, has been plucked out of his "solitude" by former Premier Anand Panyarachun to join the "Reform Thailand Commission."

In his first comprehensive interview published in Nation Weekender, Seksan said he had reluctantly left his self-imposed solitary existence because he was obliged when Anand asked him to do so.

"Besides, I have been writing about social injustices. The reform commission's role would complement what I have been doing and commenting upon all along. Also, the April-May events saddened me tremendously. That was what convinced me that I should contribute in whatever way I can to help society," he said.

Seksan insists he isn't interested in getting involved in politics, believe it or not.

"Since I left the jungle (with Communist Party of Thailand), I have been teaching, writing and doing arts. In the past ten years, I have spent time studying Dharma. All of these have nothing to do with politics. I don't why put the public seems to have expectations about my political role. In fact, if I had wanted to get involved in politics or sought political power, I wouldn't have waited until I am over 60," he said.

There is a personal sense of built involved too. "Today, the country's situation has deteriorated to a great extent. It's very worrying. That makes me feel reasonably guilty if I didn't offer help in whatever way I could..." Seksan added.

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