Saturday, November 27, 2010

Will the verdict come on Monday? Stay tuned!

If you believe Deputy PM Suthep Thuagsuban,secretary general of the Democrat Party, the Constitutional Tribunal may hand down a verdict on whether to dissolve his party or not on Monday, Nov 29, soon after the Election Commission and the defendant deliver their final verbal statements.

But don't bet on it.

Another school of thought argues that that may not come to pass, especially considering the fact that one of the seven judges on the panel, Charoon Intachan, has just resigned from that post to pursue his case against those who had posted video clips that prompted him to go for litigation.

Now that there are only six judges left, the other side says, it's unlikely that the panel of judges will come up with a ruling -- risking a 3:3 draw that could create a controversial precedent.

In order to restore the odd-number tradition for such panels, a new judge will have to be named to replace the one who quit. And that will take some time to process.

Suspense is hanging in the air. The verdict could come on Monday. Or it may be postponed indefinitely. Stay tuned!

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