Thursday, November 4, 2010

If Newin ever becomes PM, I'll divorce him

She is the wife of one of the most influential politicians in Thailand. But Karuna "Tai" Chidchob, in her first frank and comprehensive interview as chairman of "Buriram FC" soccer team, declared: "If Khun Newin ever becomes prime minister of this country, I will divorce him."

She wasn't joking. In the interview published in the latest issue of Nation weekender, Karuna said politics was a cruel affair.

"Politics shouldn't affect the family. I say this because I have personally been affected myself. So anyone who loves his or her children shouldn't encourage them to go into politics," she said.

She is serious about soccer. But she claims she wants to have nothing to do with politics, despite the fact that her husband is known to be the real "owner" of Bhumjaithai Party which is a partner in the current coalition government.

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