Sunday, December 19, 2010

Seh Daeng's daughter determined to carry father's flag

It was done without much fanfare but it's still an interesting development in the local political landscape.

Ms Kattiya Swasdiphon was yesterday voted to be the leader of the Kattiya Party founded by his late father, Maj Gen Kattiya alias "Seh Daeng" who was assassinated during the recent political confrontation.

The daughter had previously been with the Yellow Shirts while her father was decidedly on the side of the Red Shirts. They were obviously on opposite sides of the political spectrum. But once her father was gunned down, she devoted all her energy to continue with his mission.

It's unclear how she will handle her relationship with the Pheau Thai Party but for now, Ms Kattiya seems determined to carry her father's flag -- and let the public decide how her role will evolve from now on.

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