Friday, December 10, 2010

Thaksin may find Washington too cold for his testimony

Is Thaksin Shinawatra going to Washington after all?

Noppadon Pattana, his adviser, was highly confident earlier this week that the ex-premier was "definitely" going to testify to the Commission on Security Cooperationf or Europe in Washington as per the invitation letter signed by the CSCE's chairman, Senator Benjamin Cardin.

Yesterday, he sounded a bit more cautious. Thaksin, he said, was applying for a visa to get into the US. He is holding a Montenegran passport. "He will decide whether to make the trip just a day or two before the scheduled event on Dec 16," Noppadon said.

Noppadon blames Foreign Minister Kasit Biromya for lobbying very hard to block Thaksin's trip to the US. Kasit said yesterday that he was confident that Thaksin wouldn't be issued a visa.

"How does he know? Has been been lobbying hard to that effect? Or does he know something we don't?" Noppadon asked.

Thaksin himself has so far made no official comment on this "invitation."

His Montenegran passport reportely carries a different name. If, as reported earllier, his Montenegran carries a different name and not Thaksin, would the CSCE considers the person to claims to be Thaksin from Montenegro the real Thaksin?

What if Thaksin finally decides to send a video of his presentation to the CSCE?

He can, after all, tells the hosts that it's just too cold for comfort in Washington next week.

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