Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Army chief: If you have a better solution, tell me about it

Army Chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha has a short fuse. His outbursts against critics are now well-known. And it doesn't seem like he is ready to tone down his rebuttals against any criticism about activities under his jurisdiction.

Soon after the latest raid against an army base in Narathiwat earlier this week, he was apparently miffed by critical remarks suggesting that the army had "failed" in its anti-terror campaign in the South.

"Have we failed all along since 2004? Have soldiers died because we have failed? That's not the case. Everybody should offer encouragement.The military has done its best. Everything depends on the changing situations and we have been trying to adjust to those changes. Anyone who thinks he has a better solution, please tell me -- be it an ex-soldier or anyone at all. I am ready to listen to all opinons. But don't think that only your opinions are correct. No matter whether you are the media or academics. If you say things and you aren't responsible for them, don't say it. But if you are ready to be responsible for what you say, then, I can accept it...."

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