Friday, January 7, 2011

It's Yingluck....and Mingkwan too...

Has Thaksin Shinawatra decided who's to be Pheau Thai Party's leader?

He might have deliberately made it vague so far. He might also have said different things to different people. Last week, a group of Pheau Thai MPs who claimed to have met him said Mingkwan Saengsuwan would be given a chance to prove his worth by leading the upcoming no-confidence motion against the government in Parliament.

If he could make a dent in the Abhisit government, then, Thaksin may consider naming his the party leader and that means he could also be the next PM if Pheau Thai can form the next government after the election.

Yesterday, however, a Pheau Thai MP, Chaiya Promma, from Nongbualampu, was quoted by INN News as saying that Thaksin had decided to name his own sister, Yingluck, to be the Pheau Thai head while Mingkwan would b named to head the censure debate, and would stand a chance to be the next PM.

That, of course, is still confusing. But at least the choices have been narrowed down to two: Yingluck of course is the political heir. Mingkwan plays the role of a front-man.

Perhaps, that's not as confusing as it looks, after all.

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