Sunday, February 27, 2011

Let the hot debate begin!

After some hesitant moves, the opposition Pheau Thai Party is now ready for the big battle when it is announced today that ten Cabinet members will be targetted for the no-confidence debate that will last about five days, if the opposition has its way, that is.

Chances of toppling the Abhisit government are slim though since the government and its coalition partners appear well united when the vote comes. But if the censure debate, to be led by Mingkwan Saengsuwan, could produce some convincing evidence that's catastrophic to the government, some real impact could be felt -- and that may force Premier Abhisit to dissolve Parliament immediately after the debate.

The war of words will be interesting indeed, not in whether it can put Mingkwan into the premier's seat to replace Abhisit, but whether the opposition can come up with really hard proof to dent the government's credibility.

The Abhisit government certainly isn't fool-proof. And if the Pheau Thai MPs really do their home-work, they could unearth some real scandals indeed.

We look forward to the censure debate with great interest.

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