Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Red leaders out, yellow chiefs summoned in

With the release on bail of the seven red-shirt leaders, the political atmosphere should calm down. Or will it?

The court, in giving the greenlight to the requests for bail after eight months, laid down some tough conditions: the activists can't be involved in political activities that might be seen as instigating mobs.

Nattawut Saigua, one of the seven red leaders, declared that he will continue to campaign for compensation for the 91 protesters killed in April-May rallies.

"Let me spend a few days with my family. After that, I will be out there joining the red shirts again," he declared.

The yellow shirts remain on the streets. Some of their leaders have been summoned by police for violating the security law.

So, it's back to "situation normal, everything still confusing."

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