Friday, March 18, 2011

Hours of debate didn't change anybody's mind

Deputy Premier Suthep Thuangsuban and opposition MP Jatuporn Prompan sparred for more than five hours in the no-confidence debate in the House. But they didn't change anybody's mind about what happened during the April-May, 2010 violent confrontations between the red shirts and government police and troops.

That's because they presented their own versions, produced the same old clips and pictures and stuck to their own side of the story. The public who watched the proceedings were determined to believe what they havd believed all along anyway, because neither speaker produced anything new in the debate.

Even when they produced the same clips and pictures, the accompanying stories delivered by Suthep and Jatuporn were poles apart.

And they didn't even bother to answer the other's questions. Both said what they wanted to say anyway.

My conclusion: Nobody was any wiser listening and watching the debate. In effect, they were obviously kicking off their election campaign speeches.

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