Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Who torched Central World?

The Oppositon has threatened to "expose" the identities of those who torched the Central World building on May 19, last year at the height of the red-shirt protest. Jatuporn Prompan said earlier this week that he had "video clips" to prove that some military personnel might have been involved in the arson.

Leading military figures such as Army Chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha and Air Force Chief ACM Ithiporn Suppawong have reacted strongly to such allegations.

Prayuth blurted out: "Are they mad? Who in his right mind would burn down a building like that. Soldiers were only trying to help put out the fire."

Ithiporn chimed in: "On that day, as the buildings were on fire, soldiers were asked to go in to help out. Just think about it. Who were those armed men in black?"

Deputy Premier Suthep Thuagsuban has countered by saying he will present evidence to show who the "men in black" were.

Stay tuned. The no-confidence debate that is due to begin March 15 promises to be very very interesting indeed.

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