Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Don't leak this. It's confidential.

Premier Yingluck told her Cabinet yesterday to make sure that confidential discussions in the conference room must remain confidential. She regretted the fact that last Tuesday's Cabinet meeting's dicussion on the proposed Royal Pardon Bill which was supposed to be a secret had been leaked to the press.

How do I know that the premier told the Cabinet members not to reveal confidential topics in the Cabinet?

I read it in the newspapers this morning,of course.

Now, if the premier was absent from last week's Cabinet meeting, how did she know about the confidential discussion?

And how do you explain the fact that even when the prime minister told her Cabinet members not to disclose confidential remarks, it was still a well-known non-secret?

In other words, even the PM's instruction to her ministers not to leak confidential discussions was leaked!

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