Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thirayuth is back: Grass-roots politics edges out conservatives

Well-known social critic Thirayuth Boonmee gave a detailed analysis of the current political situation, pointing out that the "red shirts" are gaining ground because of their grass-roots awakening while the "conservatives" have lost out "because they talk about abstract things."

He said if former premier Thaksin Shinawatra do not step up pressure or push for a confrontation, violence could still be averted.

"Thaksin is more of a marketing promoter than a democracy leader. He considers the grass-roots people his regular customers," Thirayuth said.

He also said that Thai politics is moving in a direction that may see the red-shirts representative the only dominant power pillar. But he also expressed concern that populist politics could break up Thailand's traditional social structure that could affect various long-established institutions.

He said the conservatives would resist such a trend but "a military coup" woul be the tool of the last resort.

The monarchy, Thirayuth said, could survive based on "symbolic influence" rather than increasing royal authority.

Thirayuth said Premier Yingluck Shinawatr is good-looking, smart and photogenic and has managed to gain a positive image among the local people.

He advised opposition leader Abhisit Vejjajiva to "write more than speak" because he could then articulate his thinking in a more effective way.

Thirayuth was back wearing his signature sweater while meeting the press to deliver his analysis of the prevailing political situation.

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