Friday, April 13, 2012

PM Yingluck lets her hair down on Songkran Day

You could say Premier Yingluck let her hair down in Chiang Mai yesterday when she joined the local people to celebrate Songkran in her hometown. This is a rare picture indeed. She is seen here with a toy-gun to spray water to the local celebrants. Her son, Pipe, was also with her to enjoy the fun and game of Thailand's New Year.

I wasn't sure whether the premier had heard her brother Thaksin declare at almost the same time while celebrating Songkran there that he was confident he could come back home "in three to four months."

But then even if reporters press her for comments on her brother's statements on his "home-coming" issue, you could not expect her to say anything one way or the other.

In fact, even on Thaksin's visit to Laos and Cambodia, PM Yingluck would only say that it's a personal trip and her government has othing to do with it, regardless of the fact that some red-shirts and some ruling Pheu Party MPs are expected to cross the border to join Thaksin.

She isn't supposed to know about things she in fact should be thoroughly briefed on.

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