Monday, April 9, 2012

They all want to be 'Thaksin" look-alikes now

They all want to look like Thaksin Shinawatra when they crowd into Laos and Cambodia for the Songkran Festival.

Red-shirt leaders in the Northeast say they have prepared at least 20,000 Thaksin rubber masks and 30,000 red Polo shirts for the special trips to meet up with Thaksin in the two neighbouring countries.

Laotian officials say for security reasons, they can accommodate no more than 1,000 people at a time but Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen is said to have instructed his officials to offer "unlimited" number of red-shirts to join the former Thai premier in Seam Reap where the local cultural center which is 400 rai in space can take up to 100,000 people.

That's perhaps the closest thing Thaksin could do to make himself really "feel at home."

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