Monday, May 7, 2012

Chaturon: You can't revamp Pheu Thai without the Shinawatras

Chaturon Chaisaeng, one of the 111 former Thak Rak Thai executives due to be "freed" towards the end of this month after a five-year ban, isn't quite sure whether he will become a Cabinet member under Yingluck 3. But for him, one thing is clear: Pheu Thai Party can't be revamped by being freed from the Shinawatra family connection.

He told Matichon daily today that anyone harbouring the idea of isolating Pheu Thai from the Shinawatra clan would be tantamount to "not acknowledging or refusing to accept the fact."

Chaturon says that not all former members of the TRT party's executive board will make a comeback. In fact, they have split into various groups.

"The point should not be how to solve the problems of 111. Rather, the issue should be how they could help Pheu Thai or the government to do a better job," he says.

Political circles have heard rumours that Chaturon may not be among those who will get back their Cabinet posts. His critical comments on the Yingluck government's anti-flood effort recently might have cost him this job. But then, you never know. Things could change dramatically in the next few weeks.

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