Monday, June 18, 2012

To dream the impossible dream

You don't know who to believe. But you know that they will deny everything if it doesn't fit their agenda. And it doesn't matter whether anyone knows the real story or not.
Suthep Thuagsuban of the Democrat Party claimed the other day that somebody who had claimed to represent Thaksin Shinawatra met him to relay the message that the fugitive former premier was ready to offer a deal: Join the government, pick any Cabinet seats you want but stop opposing the reconciliation bill and constitutional amendments.
No sooner had Suthep made the "revelaton" when Pheu Thai leaders started to hit back, accusing the Democrat leader of making up this "impossible" story.
Jatuporn Prompan, a key red-shirt leader, said Suthep was just dreaming. "The Democrats and Pheu Thai are just like water and oil. They can never mix."
I am waiting for Thaksin to make a statement on these claims and counter-claims.
And I won't be a bit surprised if both sides ended up saying: "It was just a misunderstanding on both sides."

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