Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gunman caught red-handed....

PAD's guards were fighting a running battle against pro-government taxi-drivers this evening. Gunfire was heard before eleven persons were injured and rushed to Paolo Memoiral Hospital.

The clash took place at Vibhavadi Rangsit 3 at around 5.00 pm.

Reporters saw about 20 PAD guards running down a truck when it reached the soi to confront the taxi-drivers.

Some of those involved in the fight were seen using pistols to fire at their opponents.

Suriyasai Takasila, a core leader of PAD, said he couldn't confirm or deny whether the gunmen were PAD members. "But we have been under attack from the other side in the past few days. So, if some of us had to defend ourselves, it's quite justified."

But resorting to violence goes against PAD's longstanding principle of "civil
disobedience." He countered: "But the pro-government side has been attacking us with M79 grenade-launchers."

Things will apparently get worse before they get better.

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Wipassana said...

Voice of Thailand to the World

War Against Corrupted Government

Thai people throughout Thailand are protesting the corrupted regime, claimed to be elected by the people by cheating and buying votes of the poor and uneducated voters who accepted money from the corrupted members of parliament, who in turn gathered to select Thaksin’s brother-in-law, Somchai Wongsawat to be his nominated Prime Minister, and Thai people as a brave mass will never accept this corrupted administration until it is expelled.

The corrupted regime has come from unfair election early this year by buying votes bought by Thaksin and his Gang’s corrupted money and state budgets, and although by using war weapons it has so far killed at least four Thai people and seriously injured many Thai people from all over the country since August this year, thousands of uprising protesters are growing every day. Despite the local media, especially those news media under the corrupted government’s control and state-owned Public Relations news media have been trying to make the world to believe that the anti-government mass are illegitimate and rebellious, the People’s Alliances for Democracy (PAD) has led the Thai people to continue expelling the then Samak’s and now Somchai’s Cabinet for over 180 days now.

This war is a democratic and peaceful fight against the corrupted government which should be accused of illegitimate assembly by its actual behavior and claimed democratic hoax, instead, it blames the PAD as undemocratic protest and the cause of economic problem. In fact, if the whole world knows the truth, all people who love peace and justice will stand up to help Thai people to expel the Thaksin’s Nominated Administration at once. The bad rulers of unethical Thai political party have actually been the real cause of Thailand’s economic downturn, not the people who are trying to change and expel the bad regime. The PAD has aimed to change the country’s democracy system to a more ethical and fair election for the people’s better lives and for the world’s peace.

Thai people are hoping the World will understand what is going on in Thailand, and the country will soon return to peace and fair democracy as we all expect with the morality of the PAD and by the rest of the Thai people’s awareness of truth.

The unfair war created by the Thai Government today will be surely defeated by the Thai people who love peace and justice, sooner or later.

Please help us, whatever you can do, to help Thai people get out of the suppression from the immoral government led by Thaksin and his gang, and influenced by his dirty money, taken illegally from the pockets of Thai people. People of the whole World must join this victory of Human Rights and humanity war against tyrant police state in Thailand.