Monday, November 3, 2008

Split right down the middle

Thaksin Shinnawatr's "phone-in" show on Saturday didn't help bridge the widening gap between the red-yellow warring parties. On the contrary, things got worse because Thaksin was talking mostly about his personal problems, and not the nation's dangerous, deteriorating sense of national harmony.

A leading academic trying to propose a peaceful, third way out, had this to say to underline how hopeless the situation is when we talked over a cup of tea yesterday:

"I am afraid nobody is listening to anyone. The country is split right down the middle. No one knows what is right or wrong anymore. Right is wrong and wrong is right. If this goes on, I am afraid it will end up with people killing one another. Must there be more bloodshed before we can find a so-called neutral person to step in to end the confrontation? In fact, is there such a "neutral" person around?

I am desperately looking for that little ray of light at the end of this dark, dark tunnel.

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