Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Channel 11: Political snags versus technical hitches

A very pertinent question as to why the live broadcast of PM Abhisit's Sunday show on Channel 11 was pulled "due to technical problems"?

Not too long ago, when some yellow shirts invaded Channel 11 premises during a prolonged protest, the technical and news staff managed to employ "guerrilla tactics" to continue broadcasting from a mobile unit despite the political upheaval. NBT, as the station was then called under Premier Samak Sundaravej, managed to fight an "airwave war" with ASTV then. There was absolutely no technical hitch at all.

The station's director then was Suriyong Hutasarn, the same person who was in charge of PM Abhisit's aborted live broadcast on Sunday. The director general, Pachern Kampoh, was the boss of Public Relations Dept then. He was there on Sunday as well.

How do you explain that?

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