Monday, August 3, 2009

What about a "Beer Summit" here to thrash out the baht controversy?

I am proposing that "Obamark" convene a "Beer Summit" at Govt House so that the opponents over the "baht issue" could talk it out in an open manner.

Like last week's White House's "Beer Summit," the participants could "agree to disagree" but at least the issue could be discussed in a civilized and constructive way instead of the current exchange that sheds no new light on the public.

Dr Virabongsa Ramangura has attacked the central bank for allowing the baht to strengten to the dismay of exporters. Dr Olarn Chaiprawat followed up the assault in an interview published in Matichon today.

Central Bank Governor Tarisa Watanagase has insited that the baht has not appreciated unduly. It moved from 35 to 33-34 baht a dollar from the beginning of this year, "in line with the regional currencies." The baht, she said, has not caused Thai exporters to lose competitiveness.

This isn't the first time -- nor would it be the last -- that the issue of where the baht-dollar exchange should be is being raised again. But the public should get to hear all sides of the arguments in one clear, open session, moderated by the prime minister himself.

Obamark could even beat Obama in his game by having the "Govt House Beer Summit" (of course, tea and coffee could be served as well) broadcast live instead of just allowing a 30-second "photo op" at the White House.

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