Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thaksin: I am making more money out here while you hold the protest for me back home...

Thaksin Shinawatr just posted this picture on his Twitter account, showing off "pieces of diamond" from somewhere in Africa.

He is off to "two or three African countries" to offer them his advice on economic development. Thaksin denies he has been banished by UAE. He is simply on his "internatinal consultancy trip" but he did manage to phone in to a radio programme in Udon Thani yesterday to urge the local Reds not to join the Aug 30 red-shirted rally in Bangkok "because I am afraid it's not safe for them."

Did he tell the Red Shirts' core leaders to call off the rally? Not really. But this time around, Thaksin seems particularly cautious. He obviously wants to be able to say he has nothing to do with the Red Shirts' new public show of force if things should turn sour.

He is keen to tell his supporters that he is onto something big in the diamond mine in Africa.

The message seems to be: Hold the rally at his own risk. Meanahile, let me try to make more money from the diamond mines out of Africa!

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