Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Be very careful what you ask for....

The cover of "Nation Weekender" this week provides a poignant headline:
"Chase Away the Amataya; What You Get is Amataya."

What that really means is that the Red Shirts' campaign to get rid of "amataya" -- the so-called "elite" -- may end up with their getting "amataya" any away.

If the protestors think Gen Prem Tinsulanonda is the biggest "amataya" to topple, thy may find that Thaksin Shinawatr isn't much different in the context of being an elite.

If this is a "class war," as the Red Shirts say, then it's not clear what class Thaksin belongs to. One thing is clear: He doesn't belong to the class of "grass-roots."

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