Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gen Kattiya's 3-day action plan to bring back Thaksin

Maj Gen Kattiya Swasdiporn -- better known as Seh Daeng -- says he has proposed to Thaksin Shinawatra a "3-Day Make-or-Break Plan" that will bring him back as prime minister during his latest trip to Dubai last week.

Thaksin apparently didn't take up the offer because Seh Daeng told a radio programme on Saturday that Thaksin had responded by saying that he would for the time being let the Red-Shirts' United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD) take the lead in his political movement.

What's his 3-Day "do-or-die" plan all about? Sen Daeng told the radio programme hosts that his action plan would involve getting Gen Chavalit YOngchaiyudh to publicly stop the soldiers from making any move to protect the current government. Family members of the military officers would then be asked to keep their husbands at home. "Then, I will personally accompany Thaksin back to Thailand..." he declared.

For now, Sen Daeng says, he will just have to wait and be patient. "The Red Shirts have publicly told me they don't want me as part of their movement. Well, they don't want me. But I want them...."

You can't find a more colourful army general!

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