Thursday, March 4, 2010

Live-blogging Thaksin's talk show...

I am blogging live as Thaksin Shinawatr speaks on his video link from Dubai. He starts with repeating his accusations that he remains the victim of the Sept 19, 2006coup.

"This is an unfinished coup. They want to get red of all Red shirts. That is of course impossible," he declared.

Thaksin said since he was overthrown in the coup, he should be the plaintiff.
"But I am not the accused. That's strange, isn't it?" he said.

Thaksin again laments about the court' verdict to confiscate Bt46 billion of his assets. But he refused to say he would drop his plan to lodge an appeal. "My friends say I should raise this issue in the international arena," he said.

Again, he said: "Let me be the last victim...."

Thaksin asked: When will this come to an end? He then answered his own question:"If what they want is to get rid of me, that would not happen."

He then took on Finance Minister Korn Chatikavanija for having said if it was up to him, he would seize Thaksin's entire Bt76 billion assets. "I don't know why he is so revengeful against me."

Thaksin then said: "Now, it's beyond just Thaksin. It's an issue of social justice..."

If Thaksin keeps up his nightly 30-minute show, he would be repeating all these night after night. So, he announced that he would halt the nightly programme and would only host the weekly one-hour programme on Tuesday.

He said he would be busy throughout the next week and would speak to red-shirts rallying in Korat tomorrow instead.