Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Newin's 24-page manifesto on amnesty

Newin Chidchob, Bhumjaithai Party's "owner" and Chavarat Charnveerakul, the party's leader, seem deep in discussion amidst reports of head-on collision between the party and the Democrats over a number of hot issues.

Newin has written what I would call a "manifesto" on why he has proposed an amnesty bill for the "innocent" demonstrators on all sides as a move towards national reconciliation.

Newin claims it's all done for the "common people" who joined the rallies not knowing whether they were violating the law. He says in his 24-page paper issued yesterday that none of the politicians involved would get clemency under his bill.

But critics were quick to point out that Newin is eyeing the upcoming election and he needs all the votes he can get from the red-shirts in his home base in the Northeast. Without a dramatic campaign gimmick, his party would find the upcoming election a real up-hill task.

Of course, he will deny it. But that doesn't mean it's less true.

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