Friday, September 10, 2010

What does Thaksin want to do with Pheau Thai now?

What's Thaksin Shinawatra's up to?

He admitted to a Matichon reporter on the phone yesterday that Pheau Thai Party was to undergo a restructure to pave way for "reconciliation."

Political pundits say the imminent naming of former national police chief Kovit Watana as the new party leader won't solve Thaksin's problems. In fact, Newin Chidchob, once his close aide, said today: "I am afraid Kovit may end up like Samak (Sundaravej."

What does that mean? Newin was probably suggesting that Thaksin may think he could order his party leader around. But he couldn't do that with Samak. And Newin thinks he might face the same problem with Kovit.

The Matichon reporter asked for Thaksin's comment on suggestions that Pheau Thai Party is in decline. He simply said: "The election results will determine whether we are on our down or up..."

Where is he? Thaksin wouldn't say. He is after all still a man on the run..

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