Sunday, October 31, 2010

Latest rumour says Mingkwan was talking to Thaksin about the premiership!

I am waiting for a public statement from Mingkwan Saengsuwan on the latest rumours spread by insiders of Pheau Thai Party that he was in Dubai to talk to Thaksin Shinawatr about earlier rumours that he had offered his service to be the next prime minister.

Mingkwan, former commerce minister and before that a PR expert, was said to be one of the six possible candidates eyed by Thaksin to be the premier should Pheau Thai Party wins big in the upcoming election.

But the latest speculation has a new twist: Another candidate has been proposed: Former PoLice Chief Gen Seripisut Tameeyaej.

I am not sure how his name has cropped up. He has not been known to be close to Pheau Thai or Thaksin for that matter. In fact, in the past, Seripisut had clashed with Thaksin on several issues before.

How and why his name has been raised in this context is puzzling indeed.

Yes, I am also awaiting Seripisut's statement in this regard as well.

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