Friday, October 24, 2008

Be warned: Don't talk politics with Thai may get killed

I am not joking. Three friends were having a drink
last night in a restaurant on the suburbs of
Bangkok. One guy ended up stabbing one of the
two friends, because they started arguing over
who was right or wrong about the ongoing political

Thai society is split right down the middle between
those passionately in favour of Thakin Shinnawatr,
the ex-premier, and those strongly against him.

Police quoted the suspected killer as testifying:
"We were having a nice drink when things turned sour
because we started to discuss politics. One of us
said he was against the protestors. When we criticized
his stand, he became enraged and started shouting
angry words at me. He said I was stupid and politically
ignorant. I knew he was drunk but I got mad all the same.
When he left the table, I followed
him and pulled out my knife to stab him...until he
couldn't breathe anymore..."

Police didn't say whether the alleged killer was also

So, if you are Thai, be warned. Don't talk trash about
politics with friends when you want to have a good
time together. Even husbands and wives, brothers and
sisters are said to have split up because of the current
political stand-off in Thailand.

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