Friday, October 31, 2008

Caught with his pants down?

This is supposed to be a man who looks very much
like Premier Somchai Wongsawat.

He is the "star" in a sensational 25-minute video clip that shows him with a number of "girl friends" on various occasions...and one of the clips had this man driving a BMW to a love motel after picking up a woman from a house on March 24, two years ago.

In another part of the clip, the man, wearing glasses, is shown parking his white Lexus SUV at a restaurant where he had lunch with his wife. The "wife" in the clip is said to look very much like former Premier Thaksin Shinnawatr's sister, Yaovapa, who happens to be the present prime minister's wife.

Naturally, when reporters met the premier yesterday, he was asked about the steamy clips. Somchai just smiled and promtply walked away.

The fact that the premier refused to deny that he was that man in the footage has of course fueled a new round of speculation.

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