Monday, October 27, 2008

In tense Thailand today, Yellow versus Red as Green looks on, nervously

Monday morning, Oct 27...and the signs aren't good.
In fact, all indications point to
a deterioration of the political confrontation here in
this "Land of Smiles."

It seems, sadly, that Thais don't smile that much,
or that sincerely anymore, these days.

The ongoing show-down between
the pro and anti-government camps could turn into a bloody
civil war, if no workable solutions are forthcoming.

The anti-Thaksin "Yellow" versus the pro-Thaksin
"Red." Somewhere in between is "Green" -- the military which
has vowed to stop any bloodshed should the first two groups
engage in violence.

A "third force" has emerged over the weekend. A coalition of
academics and social activists, calling themselves "Santi Prachatham
Network" launched its "Three Stops Campaign" urging all groups to
put a halt to stirring up the public's sentiments.

The People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD -- yellow) continues to
occupy Government House. The pro-Thaksin United Front of Democracy
against Dictatorship (UDD, red) will hold a major rally on Nov 1,
with Thaksin promising to call in from London for a live interview to
mobilize his supporters.

UDD and former deputy police chief, Police Gen Salang Bunnag, have
threatened to suround Government House to force the PAD out. Salang
has since backed down from the plan. But he says anything could happen
from now on.

The PAD responded by building up walls of tyres to keep out any
possible invaders.

Military leaders have met to discuss contingency plans for any possible
violent clashes.

No signs of a compromise or peaceful solution just yet. Things will
get worse before they get better. Hope I can report more encouraging news
in my next blog.


Choowong said...

No more smiling on the Thais. it would be only the flight to each other.

so sad Thailand.

chummy said...

The yellow went too far/high to step back/down.
Yellow over estimate themselves and under estimate all others (no matter red/green/white).

Who can pull them down and draw them back tot he line.