Friday, October 17, 2008

Elephant gets killed on Bangkok street?

Believe it or not, elephants do get killed on Bangkok streets in traffic accidents. Just the other day, an elephant was knocked down by an oncoming van. It died instantly. A man standing close by was also killed. Police rushed to the scene of the accident but didn't know how to handle the case. The elephant wasn't supposed to be walking on the streets of Bangkok. The car driver was obviously caught off-guard when he saw a huge pachyderm right in front of his speeding car. Non-government organizations against cruelty to animals have been protesting against the use of wild animals for donations in the city. But nobody seems to be able to stop the trend.

So when you are driving in Bangkok, apart from being on alert for intoxicated drivers, be aware of the fact that you may run into elephants at the next turn.

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Ton said...

My public photoset in Flickr says enough:

The complete story about this accident and the shocking photos are included in a seperate link.

It's a big shame!