Friday, April 10, 2009

Defeat at Victory Monument...

It was a tactical nightmare when the red-shirts decided to "take over" the Victory Monument in the heart of Bangkok Thursday afternoon in an attempt to pressure the Abhisit government to back down.

The location is undoubtedly "strategic" for the protestors. And because of that, it boomeranged. The estimated 100 taxi-drivers who used their vehicles to block traffic around that intersection probably didn't realize that several leading hospitals are located nearby. And once traffic came to a standstill there, hundreds of patients and their relatives were stuck either on their way to see their doctors or heading home.

Old, sick patients on wheelchairs were seen suffering in the heat. Others were forced to walk. Reporters started to interview the stranded patients and their handlers. Doctors were complaining that the vital medical supplies, including oxygen, were running out because of the traffic snarl-ups.

The red-shirted protest leaders apologized, citing "the need to close the roads in order to open up the avenue of democracy." That, however, didn't help matters. The public outcry was deafeanig.

When Premier Abhisit Vejjajiva appeared on TV last night to declare that the protestors were breaking the law and law-enforcement officials would take action, it was clear that the red-shirts were cornerned.

It was just announced that the red-shirts will leave the Victory Monument at 5.00 pm -- and come back sometime after Songkran.

A tactical retreat in the nick of time.

Morals of the story: Never demand democracy by infringing on others' rights.


ChrisIPS said...

but Yoon didn't the seizure of the airport infringe on hundreds of thousands of stranded passengers rights, on the rights of all those Japanese companies that could no longer send cargo through the airport, on all those emergency medical flights, organ transplant flights, Federal Express flights, etc?

And what about the rights of the hundreds of thousands of hotel and restaurant workers who lost their jobs when there were no incoming tourists at all for two weeks and far fewer for the high season month that followed?

Anonymous said...

"Doctors were complaining that the vital medical supplies, including oxygen, were running out because of the traffic snarl-ups."

Really? Big city hospitals keep just a few hours worth of oxygen supplies on hand at any given time? I'd guess they could have their accreditation pulled for that.

This is really something The Nation should look into!

LL said...

From the view of an outsider, the political situation in Thailand makes is an undesirable tourist destination. I'm sure that the political stability and an acceptable solution is far more important than the economic impact of the troubles.

I for one, canceled a business trip to Thailand and we are meeting in Singapore in two weeks. I would have preferred Thailand because I love the country - but we all have to do what we have to do.

Ghafar said...

Of course Yoon does not bother to criticize the yellows when they seized the airports. He is nitpicking with the reds because he is anti-thaksin for personal reasons. Though his brother already controls Thai PBS, he still wants more (you can guess what he whispered to Mark when they sat down together).

Anonymous said...

oops ! unexpected reaction from commetators, huh, Yoon ? ;)

well, get used to it - this is not your "Nation Chanau" (even my wife laughs at how you pronounce it on TV, hahaha) aka "Fox News Thai style" (= pure spinning propaganda, although much less professional coz unlike Nation, at least Fox guys do some homework and sort of journalist investigations ) - this is a "Blogosphere", which is entirely different universe ! here people THINK and they do their own search for TRUE independent facts, they don't buy a BS crap like your over-eager spins ! :)

so, if you wanna continue your spinning in Blogosphere, then get used to sobering cold water drenches like this. coz surely if you venture into THIS sphere, oh, boy! you gonna get grilled for all the BS you're trying to sell under the name of "journalism" ! :)
no any money given to you by junta gonna help that.

otherwise your this so called "blog" might simply be totally ignored by Blogosphere public !
epsecially "Kokosphere"
(see definition on :
why? because "Kokosphere" comprises a HUGE diaspora of readers both expats and visitors to LOS from ALL OVER THE WOLRD, not of only one narrow social class or ethnic group or interest. so, "Kokosphere" is VERY diverse and therefore people here are SHREWD !

which makes it much harder for you, Yoon, to sell your spins ! :)

P.S. personally I never even bothered to find your blog, I simply stublmed upon it from the link on Bangkok Pundit and was a bit curious "wow, now Yoon tries himself at bloggin?". and I never intended to comment - but seeing these comments by others, I have to admit - I am sort of gleefull that you finaly are getting what you deserve ! hahaha

oh, by the way - the description of your blog (above words "Musings from Thailand") sucks! it couldn't be more far from truth. "in-depth analyses, critical thinking" ?
come on, give me a break !

anyone who's ever even once read Fonzi's blog ( ) KNOW what sort of "in-depth analyses, critical thinking" the "Nation Chanau" is full of !

Yoon, as long as you and your "Nation Chanau" so called "journalists" continue spinning - so long will be blogs like Fonzi's and many others. although I think Fonzi is the BEST at exposing all the MORONITY of "Nation Chanau" ! :)

Anonymous said...

Yoon, as I recall 'Nation Chanau' has made some sort of a deal with biggest expats Forum "Thaivisa". often I saw this Thaivisa Forum advertised on Nation's web page.

so, have you ever bothered to read any threads in there? it might be an eye opener for you! :)

here is just one:

"As for this report, since it appeared only in the Nation I am very skeptical of its truth. The Nation is in the bag for Sondhi and PAD. Yoon has no shame in distorting facts in his editorials."

wow! a "Songrkan drenching", huh ? ;)

this is only some "stupid farangs" commenting - but even they know what is what.

what to speak of Pantip Forum in Thai !
there they openly discuss about your personal vendetta against Thaksin, and about millions junta gave Nation (and ASTV to Sondhi) in gratitude for Thaksin-bashing.

come on, man ! you wanna run a blog, sort of PERSONAL OPINION - be honest and say so: "It is MY OWN opinion". at very least you would get a credit of being honest to some degree - that it is merely your own opinion.

but don't attempt to make it an extention of your "Nation Chanau" and sell it as "in-depth analysis" or EVEN REMOTE resemblance of journalism, a PROPAGANDA machine, media empire ala Murdoch's empire !

Yoon, you're not Thai Rupert Murdoch, dude ! :) although you attempt to be so. Murdoch at least is a professional.

not to mention that "Murdocracy" is condemned in the West by free thinking people, especially in web community.

search youtube (or Google Videos) for John Pilger ! at least get SOME idea about REAL journalism !

although I don't expect you to change overnight, perhaps you may sometime in far away future TRY to do proper journalism.